What would it be like to be educated?

Designing a three-year study course “von allem sein” is a major undertaking, especially when it is not just about putting together content for an educational programme, but rather serving the self-education process and the desire to find out what holds the world together at its core. When we educate ourselves, we work to become something – we strive to be in the world in a certain way, defines Biere (more on that in a moment).

It is also a great effort for the participants to work intensively on themselves and their relationship with the world for such a long time. But it is also fulfilling, it follows the need to appropriate the world, and also because the effect of the process puts us in an ever deeper relationship with what surrounds us and, with ourselves.

“What would it be like to be educated?” Is the title of a speech given many years ago by Prof. Dr. Peter Bieri, better known under his pseudonym Pascal Mercier as the author of the bestseller “Night Train to Lisbon”. It speaks of education as world orientation, education as self-knowledge, education as poetic education and the lines that are extremely worth reading can be found: here

“von allem sein”, the three-year course is unique and courageous, because – as can also be read in Bieri’s celebratory speech -… it’s about everything: orientation, enlightenment and self-knowledge, imagination, self-determination and moral sensitivity, to art and happiness.