von allem sein

Intensive Course 2024-2027, Ekkerøy, Varanger, Norwegen

Montessori pedagogy to the higher maturity | connected thinking and teaching | a cosmos of complete order and poetry

An intensive, three-year training program provides interested people with the opportunity to experience self-learning in a unique environment, to combine the knowledge necessary for a higher level of maturity in practical work, model-oriented for the monitoring of children and adolescents.

In three modules, each lasting 21 days, a cognitive framework is developed in the sense of the cosmic doctrine Maria Montessori, which in its entirety captures all the essential building blocks of today's world knowledge.

For the conversation and representation of such an intense world connection, it needs the poetry of narrative and the drawings to nature. These two tools will also be taught and learnt during the course.

The individual topics of the course are sketched, designed and executed by the participants. As books connecting the narrative on the origin of the earth and its continents, the evolutionary history, the appearance of people and many other topics that will arise during the course weeks.

The modules are scientifically supported and comprehensive studies in natures open air alternate with work in the study room. Detailed documentation, working materials, and an extensive collection of podcasts are included in the course, as well as several supervision dates between the individual modules.

von allem sein takes place in an exceptional place in the north of Europe. No other area on our continent offers such an abundance of different sizable landscapes like the arctic life in the north of Norway. Enchanting fjord landscapes along the Gulf Stream, freshwater lakes in the middle of an endless mountain range, wide wool grass meadows in the moors of the taiga and high alpine rocky deserts as silent messengers of the last ice age.

flats-ekkeroy-1024x685For 21 days each in the light of the midnight sun, you will find wonderful opportunities to study the central cosmic themes in nature and to document them in the old village school on an island in the Varangerfjord. At the end of the three-year course, all participants should have not only acquired an intensive, connected knowledge, but also have prepared it in sketches, works and books, as a basis for the support of young people in schools up to the higher maturity.

The specificity of the environment, the light of the midnight sun, which blurs the day's work and the unique, gulf-coloured climate near the North Pole, provides a setting that makes it easy to leave the customary and experience new connected experiences. Exceptional knowledge of the area by the course instructors and the assistance of experts will also make it possible to find out how study trips and excursions for young people can be prepared and accomplished.

Von allem sein this also means that this training would not be different from the previous, but in all respects unique. For the first time, there is the possibility to study the cosmic curriculum of Maria Montessori for young people on the way to higher maturity, to create the necessary teaching aids and work plans, and to develop awareness of the high scientific and poetic atmosphere of these years.

von allem sein - the notable details of the training shows the unique desire not to adopt to the conventionality, but embrace in the totally new. This challenges us, presses us and creates a desire - a beginning

Course location: The course location is on the island of Ekkerøy near the town Vadsø in Northern Norway. There is an old beet house with two apartments for the participants. A few steps away is the islands old village school, where for three weeks of the Arctic summer, the study rooms will be environmentally prepared for the learners.

Meals: Breakfast is prepared in the apartments, the daily catering is organised according to the activities. The communal kitchen and the dinner at the end of an eventful day gives the opportunity to exchange and reflect.

Course dates:

Module 1 – First earth             8th July 2024 to 29th July 2024
Module 2 – First life                7th July 2025 to 28th July 2025
Module 3 – First thought      13th July 2026 bis 3rd August 2026

Costs: The course costs include all accommodation except for the journey, which is to be organised by the participants individually. Accommodation, meals, entrances, transport (rental cars) and all course materials and work equipment are included in the price.

Each module costs 5.800.- Euro, payable in two installments before the start of the course.

Registration:  Registrations will be accepted from now on. The minimum number of participants is 8, a total of 10 places are available.

Module 1: First earth

History of the earth
A nebula world and star time
The birth of the heavenly bodies
Infinite boundaries in cosmic order
Our cosmic home
The geological time and its phenomena
The constant transformations of the earth's crust
The origin of the ocean floors and mountains
The cycle of the rocks
From flowing, streaming, and drifting
The spheres and their circuits
From studying landscapes
From studying the continents

Module 2: First life

The origin of life on earth
Timelines of life
The climate zones of the earth
The land of plants and animals
Evolution in the mirror of the earth's history
The blueprints of life
Transformations in connections
Classification and determination

Module 3: First thought

The coming of man
Timelines of the hominids
Architectural studies of man
Human needs and human tendencies
First symbols
Us and our history
Cultural techniques in the mirror of man's developmental history...

Upon submitting the Registration Form, each participant will receive a Registration Confirmation and detailed Information by post.