Studying in the company of a zoologist

The preparations for the upcoming study course, which starts in summer 2022, are almost complete.The house by the sea and the old village school are already waiting for visitors from more southern latitudes, and now zoologist Dr. Manfred Pintar has also accepted our invitation to the far north. What a wonderful opportunity to explore the fascinating large-scale habitats of the Arctic: the taiga, the tundra and the Arctic coast with one of Austria’s most renowned zoologists.

Professor Pintar knows like no other how to combine scientific disciplines and accompany people in in-depth experiences of nature.

Spectacular excursions are on the programme and apart from the unique flora and fauna, it is above all the permafrost soils that make the topic of climate change tangible. A geological look back 600 million years will also tell participants what climate change can mean, using the phenomenon of snowball soil as an example.

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