Telling is a lost art. We explain, report and discuss, but the narrative has been lost. Even though we know how children at an early age like to listen to stories of their elders, CDs and other media are replacing the person, the narrator during these important childhood years.

The narrative is always telling life stories. In narrative, the narrator invites the persons and events with meaning and makes them lively and empathic. Already the first dialogues between mother and baby are based on this original form of security-giving communication and from the very beginning the emotions orchestrate the participation in the world surrounding the child.

Also for Dr. Maria Montessori, the narrative was of great importance, which is still visible in the traditions of the "great tales" that are still around to this day. Until a few decades ago, the narrative was still one of the tools of a good pedagogy, which had to get by without modern media and teaching aids.

With the disappearance of the narrative, the previously omnipresent visual images were also suspended in the classrooms, and thus, especially in the natural sciences, a central form of learning was abandoned: the reading of connections and the independent allocation of meaning. Interpretation, this could also be called the recording of sensible connections and their emotional charge.

With our narrative books, we want to bring the art of storytelling closer to children and adults alike. The stories always tell of life, "life-warm", biographically one could call it. The origin of the universe and the coming of man can be heard, but also of all the wonderful creatures of nature and how they have become what they are today.

Impressive drawings and pictures prime our stories and these pictures are presented in the narrative books. Thus, adults and children receive not only unique reading books, but also unique tools and models for the success of re-discovering a lost art.

The origin of the earth

The great cosmic narrative of the beginning of the universe 

Narrative book | charts of the narrative | Experiments

The first great narrative leads back to the origins of the universe. In the sense of the latest knowledge of the sciences, the unique biography of our cosmic homeland is told. From the Big Bang to the present day, readers and listeners travel in this narrative and learn about the great transformations that the earth has experienced.

What were the laws that governed the cosmic order, and how do they work today? Is everything we see on this earth, whether alive or not, really built from star dust? These questions and many more are answered in this narrative and show the great cosmic connections of the universe.

The artistically designed narrative book contains not only handmade drawings and pictures of the most significant events of the earth’s formation, but also instructions on the individual attempts which accompany the narrative.

The narrative books are in the form of a high-quality, large format print. The work begins on a long series of narrative books, which will be published here in the coming years.

How the fish learned to fly

The great cosmic narrative of the birds

Narrative book | charts of the narrative

The great tale of the first primates entering into the world of flying.

Will appear soon