Study in Arctic Lapland

It’s starting again! A new study programme “von allem sein” has been announced and a few places are still available. Three years full of special experiences await the participants of this unique worldwide course.

Intensive study weeks in Lapland, excursions and internships accompanied by scientists, a wide range of scripts and e-books and a curriculum that could not be more up-to-date. The natural sciences, philosophy and poetry are combined into one that allows students to grasp all the essential topics for higher attainment.

Scientific work, university thinking, and the connection to nature and life make the three years of study a very special time for all participants.

The time of the pandemic has made the vulnerability of human existence visible, many systems have reached their limits and the avoidable has come to the fore. The division of society has clearly widened and the opportunities of the few are increasingly weighing on the fears of the many.

The coming challenges, whether it be the climate crisis, migration or the inequality of societies, humanity will only be able to confront it successfully with a rediscovered bond and the courage to feel.

Solidarity, public spirit, and a deep understanding of what is and why it has become this way are the tools to be able to shape the future. This is what we must give the young people on their way and they have to be able to learn from us. “Man is made by the you’s of the environment”, says Hilarion Petzold.

It is time to study what it all means, von allem zu sein!